Right Person, Right Seat

We utilize Analytic Recruiting to identify the most talented individuals with the highest likelihood of making an impact for your business. Our Talent Optimization tools are designed to measure natural traits, motivation, interpersonal and cognitive skills that directly tie to success and retention factors related to your specific desired fit and requirements for the position. Hire accuracy results in increased job performance and retention.

Pinpointing the ideal fit for any role and streamline your recruiting process. Get deep candidate insights upfront with the PI Behavioral Assessment and PI Cognitive Assessment and align your hiring managers and human resources on an ideal candidate profile for every role using proven science and the PI Job Assessment.


  1. Job Assessment to determine natural traits for job success
  2. Assist with Job Description to attract the candidate you’re seeking based on Job Assessment
  3. Behavioral and Cognitive Assessments on candidates overlayed to Job Target
  4. Ranked Candidates with consultation
  5. Interview guides based on the behavioral match against Job Assessment
  6. Relationship guide between candidate & direct leader
  7. Management strategy guide for the selected candidate

Job Assessment

The PI Job Assessment helps you identify the behaviors and drives critical to on-the-job success so you can attract and hire the best-fitting candidates and manage them to greatness.

Behavioral Assessment Measures:

The degree to which an individual seeks to control their environment.

The degree to which an individual seeks social interaction with other people.

The degree to which an individual seeks consistency and stability in their environment.

The degree to which an individual seeks to conform to formal rules and structure.

The degree to which an individual prefers objectivity when processing information.

Cognitive Assessment Measures:

Candidates’ cognitive assessment scores indicate their ability to absorb and process complex information, as well as their capacity to deal with the cognitive demands of a given position. Determine an individual’s ability to catch on quick, figure things out on his or her own, and to meet or exceed performance expectations.

Interview Guides

To bring structure to your interviews, the Interview Guide shows you how a candidate’s behavioral drives and needs align to the target you have set. Use the recommended questions to probe for gaps and to confirm fit.

Relationship Guide with Direct Leader and Candidate

Help two individuals manage, and even avoid conflict through a shared reflection and understanding of their behaviors. Compare two people to discover how they work together.

Management Strategy Guide for selected Candidate

Customize the way you manage the employee based on their individual behavioral needs.