Executive Assistant Training

The objective of Executive Assistant Training is to ensure that high-level leaders are aligned with executive assistant services that support growth and success within your business systems. In the most efficient and productive manner, the Executive Assistant training system will train your executive assistant on systems and processes to help with pain points that hinder your executives, allowing them to spend more time focusing on business.

Executive Assistant Training can include but is not limited to the following:

  • Email Management
  • Scheduling and Calendar Management
  • Rhythm & Cadence for Meetings
  • Travel Management
  • Prioritization & Workflow
  • Billing & Expenses
  • Project Management
The Executive Partners team will conduct training on-site for three days during normal business hours. Once completed, your team will be partnered with an Executive Partner trainer that will provide up-to ten (10) hours of service & support per week through a 90-day virtual support.