How do you R.A.T.E.?

If you’re ready to level up, don’t have enough time in the day, and are fully committed to focusing on the road ahead, PARTNER with us as your comprehensive approach to talent strategy.

Executive Partners works in a variety of industries across the nation to offer the following: 

EP Recruit – High Level Executive Recruitment  

EP Align – Recruit/Train/transition talented executive assistants for high level leaders  

EP Train & Assess – Deliver ongoing talent & team performance workshops & assessments  

EP Elite – Provide ongoing support for EA partners  

EP Recruit

helps clients find the right talent faster. The EP Recruit team will reduce time-to-fill, and will remain dedicated to saving clients time, money, and headaches throughout the entire hiring process.  Specializing in C-level positions, EP Recruit offers a money back guarantee ensuring that clients can rely on EP Recruit methods that provide solutions and success.  

We utilize the proprietary assessment in both recruitment and continued employee development to take away the guess-work of hiring and to make sure each team members’ talents and strengths are optimized for stronger business results. EP Recruit will partner you with a certified Talent Optimization Coach in Predictive Index, Gallup’s Strengths Finders, Kolbe Index.  

EP Align

is a recruiting & training platform that matches clients with executive partners that will build out a solid rhythm system and provide support that facilitates ongoing success. The EP Align platform is available in every industry across the nation and can be virtual, on-site, or hybrid. The EP Align team uses a “recruit, train, transfer” model to match high level executives, leaders, and business owners with an executive partner that can meet their needs. Using tested methods, executive partners are recruited, trained, and offered ongoing support programs to ensure continuous improvement all with a money back guarantee. 

EP Train & Assess

platform delivers a custom approach to client’s talent strategy needs. The EP Train team is dedicated to a data-driven approach when optimizing teams’ talents.  Ongoing workshops are available in the EP Living Lab and in customizable locations across the country. This hands-on, proven framework will help clients build accountable and cohesive teams.  

EP Elite

All EP partners are extended an invitation to join the EP Elite group for ongoing support. The EP Elite group is an exclusive membership group created to act as an unrivaled resource for executive partners, executive assistants, and administrative assistants in multiple industries.  EP Elite creates opportunities for connection and support through in-person and virtual events, best practice meetings, and a monthly tips newsletter. The EP Elite team is dedicated to curating expertise in wide-ranging, rich content for this exclusive group. 

Ready to see how you R.A.T.E.?

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