“A good assistant is a crucial productivity booster for a busy executive
–one that offers a solid ROI if he or she is deployed correctly.”
Harvard Business Review
– The Case for Executive Assistants

“I was kind of in an e-mail nightmare…
one of the biggest things to give up is
your e-mail. What Lori has brought from
the Executive Assistant side of things
has been phenomenal and it has really
changed my life.”
-Shawn Burcham,
PFSbrands Founder & CEO

“The process PFS laid out was a great
building block as well as time saver.  I
enjoyed working with Randi and I’m sure
she is very successful with your other
clients and will continue to grow in your
organization. Thanks again, you guys did
this first rate and much success as you
look to grow this part of your business.”
-Bill Dickinson,
President Osage Food Products